Daily Post Photo Challenge: frame #2

Street performer, who has folded herself into a small glass box, Auckland Anniversary Day Festival. Image: Su Leslie, 2015

Street performer, Auckland Anniversary Day Festival. Image: Su Leslie, 2015

Framed by the glass box into which this street performer folded herself.

Posted to the Daily Post Photo Challenge. This week’s theme is frame.


14 thoughts on “Daily Post Photo Challenge: frame #2

    • Yes; I guess right now trying to squeeze into a box wouldn’t do your shoulder any favours. The Big T came home from mountain-biking yesterday with the cuts and bruises from a fall that reminded me of yours. He’s the proud new owner of a go-pro, so we got to relive the moment he flew through the air after his bike caught on a tree-root. I had motion-sickness even before we got to the bit with the fall. Know I’m thinking of you and sending very positive healing thoughts!


      • You’ve entered the world of Go-Pro hell 🙂
        I’m not so sure I would like to relive the moment!
        Thankfully he wasn’t seriously injured. Mountain biking is even more unforgiving than road cycling.

        Thanks for the positive thoughts. Yesterday I actually got back on my bike outdoors for the first time since the accident. I’m happy to report it was a great ride – no pain, no discomfort, not even a twinge on the section of rough road. Yay! It was a big milestone 🙂


        • That’s fantastic Joanne. I’m so pleased for you. Not being able to do something that has given you so much pleasure would be torment, so I’m glad you’re … er … back in the saddle (gotta love cliches sometimes). I think you’re right about go-pro hell. Years ago (waay before go-pros) a friend of ours strapped an old-fashioned video camera to his motorbike helmet and took off across the farm. Needless to say, what he got was documentary evidence of a truly horrific crash that left him in hospital for weeks. I’ve seen plenty of footage of the Big T’s injuries but have never really learned not to wince.


    • It was a couple of years ago, down at the waterfront during Auckland’s Anniversary weekend celebrations. There were street performers all around the place. I watched this one from the UK, and an amazing Spanish guy down at Britomart.


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