12 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. great find – and I wondered if maybe it was a commissioned piece for a special guard who used to work there – like the Denver Broncos used to have a fan who wore a barrel and now after he is gone – they have a figure in his honor – and so I wondered here… but looks like the title -who guards the guard – looks like it was a nice artist take…

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    • Thanks Yvette. The “who guards the guard” was just my caption. The figure is one of a series called “Kapa Haka.” There are eight identical statues, all modelled on the artist’s brother who is a security guard. Apparently each one has a different name on the badge hanging from their belt, and the names are the Maori words for different colours, which is a play on the characters’ names in Reservoir Dogs.

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      • now that is super cool!

        and I heard a little story on the radio about how those security guards are super important to the biggest threats on most artwork 0 which is the daily exposure to people. The story also noted how most museums have little security overall – but the biggest threats can be daily stuff with crowds, something like that….

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        • I can believe that. I’ve noticed recently that people have less respect for artworks. At sculpture exhibitions, I’ve seen them climb all over work to take selfies. And it’s not just kids. It’s a nightmare for artists and exhibition organisers!

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