DP Photo Challenge: transmogrify, take 1

Ghost of Halloween past. Image: Su Leslie, 2010

Last night was Halloween, and as I watched groups of little (and not so little) kids out Trick or Treat-ing, I had a little wave of nostalgia for the days when the boy-child would  transmogrify for the event, with face paint and costume — and more than a little attitude.

Back in the day. The boy-child and his best friend, Halloween, 2003. Image: Su Leslie

Hard to believe the transformations?

This post was written for the Daily Post Photo Challenge. This week the theme is transmogrify.

32 thoughts on “DP Photo Challenge: transmogrify, take 1

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    • Thanks Amy; he is a bit larger than life! The trick-or-treat aspect of Halloween is pretty new here and in the UK. When I was a kid, there wasn’t really a Halloween celebration at all in NZ, and our Scottish version was regarded as a bit odd by the neighbours.

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      • I did wonder about the history of trick or treating. I have a cousin in Germany who said it’s been a tradition there a long time, so I don’t think we can blame the US for this one!

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    • Hehe. They were inseparable for years — each other’s first friend made at primary school. I was tempted to post those pics to FaceBook and tag them both, but I think you are right, they would probably be embarrassed by their cute younger selves right now.

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        • It is sad. However, he has said he’s happy to do my clown project and has been checking out make-up “looks” for himself. I’d love to get that done soon, but the Big T is likely to be away a lot in the next few weeks and so will find it difficult to spare much time. Sigh!

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          • I really hope you´ll all find the time soon, Su!! So much looking forward to see the pictures you´re going to make!!! 🙂 How´s the earring thing going on? Did you manage to get what you need?? Wishing you a very beautiful week! 🙂 xxxxx ❤

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          • Hi Sarah. I feel like all my projects have stalled lately; with silly little barriers to overcome everywhere. Individually, they are manageable, but collectively it feels too hard and I’m feeling a bit paralysed. Guess I’ll snap out of it soon. Hope you are having a good week, and that your eye is recovering. xxx

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          • I know this kind of feeling, Su, it´s just horrible and slows you down and makes you feel worn out… I really hope all the obstacles in your path will vansih very soon! Don´t lose hope, soon summer will be with you and everything will look brighter! Dare I ask if there´s any progress on your Klimt project? I´m still looking so much forward to see it! Wish you a very lovely week and strength to overcome those annoying barriers! xxxxxx

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          • Thank you Sarah. I think I’m more worn out and depressed by the wider world than I let myself believe. It feels like a year of defeats for rationality, inclusiveness, kindness — a future even! And now with the earthquakes I feel my world is even more fragile. I’ve become quite fatalistic. I’m sure this will pass and I’ll get some energy again. I made a bunch of polymer clay canes, intending to join disks of them into a Klimt-inspired sheet, but it didn’t quite go to plan. I need to practice the skills and maybe re-think the design a little. But first I have to chase up the bails for my pendants, make some cushions and a padded headboard .. Oh, and bake some bread 🙂 Sorry about the rant; I really do appreciate your concern. I hope you’re having a good week. xxx

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          • I know what you mean and I feel the same! It´s getting worse with every news feed I feel…
            The earthquakes must be horrible! I hope that not more people are going to get hurt or worse… I´ve never experienced an earthquake, around here they´re really rare, but in Italy it´s also bad at the time 😦
            A couple of years ago I´ve been so depressed by all the bad things going on in the world that I distanced myself from any kind of media… it worked a while but I figured it doesn´t make much sense to exclude oneself from what´s happening, so I got back on the news track.
            I hope you´ll find a way to get more energy! Your Klimt project already sounds fascinating! 🙂
            And please, never apologize for “ranting” – that´s what friends are for 😉 🙂 Have a good weekend! Take care and stay safe! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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          • Thank you Sarah. I found out on Friday why my knee has been hurting so much, and also that I can get the problem fixed. That has helped to make me feel more positive — even though I’ll probably end up having surgery and that does terrify me a bit. How is your eye? I do hope it is healing well. xxxx 🙂

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          • I see the ambiguitiy of the situation: it´s nice to know what´s up, but surgery is just scary… It´s been the same with my eye, I was relieved to know that I didn´t imagine it all, but felt utterly depressed when told that surgery might be an option…
            I really hope your knee can be fixed without undergoing this kind of treatment, but if you do have to do it, then I hope it will relieve you from your pain efficiently and fast!
            My eye is still on the mend, thank you for asking, Su 🙂
            It will take a lot of time, several months I think. My ophtalmologist said that we will try to let it heal without surgery, because my vision would definitely get worse if I had one, and that´s something not really to be desired… So I try to think positivly but have to be really cautious all the time, a simple eye-rubbing or a loose eyelash can bring havoc again! That´s why I started sleeping with big sunglasses now, to prevent me from accidentally doing the first 😉
            Wishing you a lovely week, dear Su! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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          • Oh I am so sorry that your eye is likely to take a long time to heal. But I do hope it does heal without surgery. I have to wait until late January to even see the surgeon about my knee, so I am hopeful that it will fix itself before then. I have found a wonderful osteopath who does acupuncture and that helps quite a lot. I would probably also benefit from not walking up and down stairs so often, but I live in two storied house and have a terrible habit of leaving things I need on one floor when I am on the other. Hope you are having a great week. xxxxx 🙂

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          • That´s really a long time until your appointment, not very unlike to the german health care, I believe 😦 But I´m glad that acupuncture gives you some relief. I did it once, but couldn´t get warm with it – needles stuck into about just everywhere, not my cup of tea precisely 😉 What I do like using when my knee hurts (or my arm, or my neck 😉 ) is a tiny device I got that gives electric impulses. It´s no cure of course, but sometimes it helps and that´s definitely better than taking too much painkillers!
            Oh, yes, I know the delights of climbing stairs 😉 (living on the fourth floor of an apartment building 😉 I always try telling me it´s just as good as doing sports (while cursing inside and whistling outside 😉 ). Hope your knee knows what is good for you and heals well and fast all on itself! xxxxxxxxx ❤

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          • 😃 I think I know about the little machines you mentioned. I had one while I was in labour with my son, and my brother has one implanted to help him manage chronic pain in his leg. I really do need to be a little more patient, and rest more, but that is so boring! After such a long winter I really want to be outside and doing things. I should probably try swimming; the ocean is almost warm enough.

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          • I know what you mean! Patience really is a virtue – and very hard to get by 😉 And it must be awful to stay inside and rest your knee when all you want to do is go outside and enjoy spring! I really feel with you, Su! But swimming is a very good idea indeed! You should try it! 🙂 Ahh, the ocean… I envy you a bit 😉

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          • We enjoyed two sunny but bitingly cold days here, but it´s going to be warmer and sadly much wetter also from tomorrow on 😉 I don´t mind the cold as much when the sun is shining at least, it makes everything more bearable… Enjoy spring! xxxxxxxxx ❤


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