From this to this; in less than an hour

The open road; big skies and few cars. Travelling through the north Waikato. image: Su Leslie, 2016.

The Big T and I have been WY for the weekend. We drove home on a series of quiet back roads for as long as possible. But finally, we had to join the motorway and almost immediately hit traffic. Heigh ho; welcome to Auckland.

In front and behind; cars and more cars. Southern Motorway, south Auckland. Image: Su Leslie, 2016.

11 thoughts on “From this to this; in less than an hour

  1. Love how you did this, Su. What’s “WY?” To my, that would be Wyoming (although you’d have to add a preposition in front as well as take a very long trip) and I was trying to think what those letters could mean. aWaY? Without Young? Wither You go? Wandering Ya’ll? My brain has stopped functioning. Please jump start it!!!


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  2. I thought you meant Wyoming until I read the comments. Quite a trip!!
    You should come soon and often to the American West. Stunning panoramas. Someday I plan to visit Australia. My husband’s cousin and her family live there. Cheers from Alabama where I visiting for a few weeks. Lori

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    • šŸ™‚ ah, nothing like spreading confusion through a typo! I don’t think there will be too many trips to the US; it’s a 12 hour flight to the west coast from New Zealand, and I’m not a happy flier. Of course, a stop-over in Tahiti to break up the journey would help. If you do get to Australia, you should try and spend some time in New Zealand too; stunning scenery, especially if you like pristine beaches and lots of volcanoes. Cheers, Su.

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