DP Photo Challenge: graceful

Close-up shot of curling leaf. Image: Su Leslie, 2016

Grace in the simple curve of an aging leaf. Image: Su Leslie, 2016

Grace is the beauty of form under the influence of freedom. — Friedrich Schiller

Close up shot of grass stalks bowed in the wind. Image: Su Leslie, 2016

Bowed into a gentle wind. Image: Su Leslie, 2016

Daily Post Photo Challenge | graceful

23 thoughts on “DP Photo Challenge: graceful

  1. Beautiful images and I love that quote! And the funny thing: as I´ve been just ranting about how much I dislike Goethe, I can not emphasize enough how much I like is adversary Schiller! 🙂 He was such an unlucky guy. I went to visit his house when I was in Weimar and it´s no wonder that he died quite young – his house was so drafty and could, where as Goethe´s house was warm and sunny (that guy was really fortunate).

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      • That’s exactly how it was with those two! It seems there are always two geniuses at once who share a rivalry friendship. Goethe was in this case Shakespeare and Schiller Marlow, though I think there’s more left of Schiller’s work than of Marlow’s. But I’m not sure as I’m a huge Shakespeare fan and have Marlow only slight5on my radar although I think that’s totally unjustifiable behaviour from my part 😉

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        • Marlowe died when we was very young, so Shakespeare had a much longer time to gain dominance. I’ve read a couple of fictionalised accounts of Marlowe’s life and death, which were both really interesting.

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          • I think one was ‘The Reckoning’ by Charles Nicol and the other was Anthony Burgess’s ‘Dead Man in Deptford.’ It was a while ago now, but I remember being totally fascinated by Marlowe. I love old mysteries. Have you read ‘The Bookman’s Tale’ — hard to summarise, but beautiful love story involving Shakespeare’s authorship of the plays attributed to him. I love that book! 🙂 xxx

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          • Oh, goodie! I don´t know any of them and am going to order them right away!! They sound so exactly my type of novel 🙂
            I´ve read “The Shakespeare Secret” by J.L. Carell a couple of years back and just loved it! (The sequel not so much though.) Thank you for providing me with new fodder for my brain 😉 xxxxx

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          • Wonderful! 🙂 I love exchanging book tips! “The bookman´s tale” and “The dead man at deptford ” are on their way, the third one though isn´t available right now. But that´s ok, this way there´s still something to look forward to 😉 Hope you´ll like the Shakespeare Secret!! 🙂 Enjoy your weekend! xxxxxxxxx

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