Playtime in the electronic studio

Blurred, exposed twice, tweaked a bit ... Abstract image in blues and greens. Image: Su Leslie, 2017

Blurred, exposed twice, tweaked a bit … Image: Su Leslie, 2017

When photography took on the role of offering verisimilitude from painting, it freed painters to experiment with new forms of artistic expression.

Now, the ubiquity of photo-editing tools offers photographers a similar chance to experiment, play, and test the boundaries of the medium.

Blurred image; movement of the camera while shooting in woodland. Image:  Su Leslie, 2017

Error or art? Moving the camera while the shutter is open. Image: Su Leslie, 2017

In the past, “camera shake” and blurring made a photograph seem less valuable. Now such shots are just a starting point for creative play.


Blurred, another double-exposure and tweaked a bit more. Image: Su Leslie, 2017

Written for Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge at Lens and Pens by Sally.

17 thoughts on “Playtime in the electronic studio

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  2. So very true. Photo editing has allowed amateurs such as myself the chance to “play.” And seeing the possibilities in the hands of experts such as yourself, bringing vivid colors to life, inspires new levels of creativity. Thanks!

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    • Thank you; I’m flattered to be considered an expert. I feel like a novice — an enthusiastic and motivated novice admittedly, but a newbie nonetheless! Seriously though, these technologies are very democratic; giving everyone a chance to explore their creativity.

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