Friday flip through the archive: A musical interlude of rainy days, Mondays and jam trousers

“The more things change, the more they are the same.” — Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr

Revisiting old posts, I realise how much the Big T’s travel sets the rhythm of our life. He is off to Detroit in a few days, knowing that when he gets back his feet will barely touch the ground before he flies out to Melbourne. At least this time he is free of the lurgy, so hopefully his travels will be less stressful this time.


It started badly, my week. I was expecting the Big T home from a conference in Detroit on Monday morning, but it turned out he’d got the day wrong and instead arrived on Tuesday. Monday was Auckland Anniversary Day — a long weekend — and if I’d known I’d be flying solo for the whole weekend, I would probably have organised my time differently. So while I’m not normally a Carpenters fan, Rainy Days and Mondays pretty much says it all on that score.

When T did get home, he brought with him a horrible flu. He’s spent the week trying to both recover, and play catch-up at work. Menu planning has involved as many variations on nutritious soft food that I can think of, because his throat has been so sore. Our plan to enjoy summer date nights have been abandoned.

The boy-child has been enjoying his last week…

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8 thoughts on “Friday flip through the archive: A musical interlude of rainy days, Mondays and jam trousers

  1. I remember your original post and had to take stock that is was in 2015, in trying to account for the intervening period in my own world is a bit weird, old posts are a good way of remembering how the time was spent.

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  2. A musical montage and a new word “lurgy” (which spellcheck changed to Kyrgyzstan, I kid you not!) what more could a girl ask for? Oh, and I now like Eddie Izzard as long as he is accompanied by Lego action figures!

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