Wordless Wednesday

Home alone. Binge watching “Who Do You Think You Are?” Image: Su Leslie, 2017


15 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

    • Oh yes! It’s a genealogy programme that traces ancestors of various celebrities. I mainly love it to see all the cool archives and libraries they visit — and for the reactions of people to finding out things they would never have imagined. I’ve also learned quite a lot of history (at least the basic stuff) from it. One of my binge-watch favourites. 🙂

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    • It’s a great genealogy programme that traces the ancestry of various celebrities. I love it because they always go to cool archives and libraries and I learn quite a lot about information sources that are available. I guess there is an element of celeb-watching too! There is (or was) a US version of the show, but I prefer the British one which is a bit less sensationalist. As for wine, I hardly ever drink red these days. Or maybe it’s that I think of red wine as a winter drink? Either way: à votre santé.

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    • Still interested and trying to make time to write up some of the research I’ve done. I’ve been really lucky lately to have two of the Big T’s distant cousins get in touch with me; both with information about his immigrant ancestors! I love WDYTYA too; but have to watch it via YouTube because it isn’t shown on TV here. 😦

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