DP Photo Challenge: a good match — the boy and …

… his skateboard

Skateboarding boy airborne. Image: Su Leslie, 2010

The boy-child and his skateboard; inseparable. Image: Su Leslie, 2010

… snow

Boy building snowman, Mt Ruapehu, NZ. Image: Su Leslie, 2011

Having fun at Mt Ruapehu. Image: Su Leslie, 2011

… food

Boy eating in a restaurant. Image: Su Leslie, 2009

The boy-child enjoying Peking Duck at Auckland restaurant, Love a Duck. Image: Su Leslie, 2009

… his dad

Father and son. Image: Su Leslie, 2009

“two peas in a pod?” The big T and our boy-child. Image: Su Leslie, 2009

Apologies for posting some old images to this challenge. The boy-child turned 19 yesterday and I’m feeling nostalgic.

Daily Post Photo Challenge | a good match

18 thoughts on “DP Photo Challenge: a good match — the boy and …

    • Thank you Terry. Yes, it does my head in to think it’s been 19 years! And although it’s flown by, I still remember his early weeks and months really vividly. I guess when we are new parents, everything is so strange and unreal, we never forget it. 🙂

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  1. well a happy b-day to him – and darn time goes fast (sorry to keep saying it) and like how you paired this tribute to the match theme – well done. the air in the first shot is my fav of the post –
    and side note – I gave out three “dark side of the moon” t-shirts while on my last trip to Bfl. Last year I found them on a blow-out clearance – forget they were in the bin – and pulled them out for the trip. My cousin, J, loved his so much that it made me glad I had one for him. Does your son still listen to Pink Floyd?

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