Regular Random: five minutes with the office bookshelves

The shelves in my office have become a repository for all sorts of bits and pieces as well as the books; plastic toys, the boy-child’s pentominoes, my Peter Viesnik glass perfume bottle, my first attempt at doll-making (uncharitably dubbed Lorde after a hard night) and even a lei from the wedding we attended on New Year’s Eve.

No staging with this shoot; just a quick (five minutes in fact) snapshot of personal treasures I’m sharing as part of  Desley Jane‘s RegularRandom challenge.

If you’d like to know more about  Five Minutes of Random #regularrandom (or just want to see some great photography), check out Musings of a Frequently Flying Scientist.

All photos ©Su Leslie, 2017

29 thoughts on “Regular Random: five minutes with the office bookshelves

  1. Funny—like most of the other commenters, it was the the troll and Cookie Monster who caught my eye the most! I loved trolls when I was a kid. Also, your book collection looks very interesting!

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    • I guess it’s the power of childhood memories. We have books all over the house and a few years ago I tried to rationalise them; cook-books in the kitchen, fiction all together on a set of shelves, art books in another set, etc. I don’t have many shelves in my office, so I’ve ended up with a bit of a rag-tag collection of university texts, work books and stuff I dip into every now and then. I fantasize about a house with a “proper” library!

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  2. I just love your bookshelves! It’s one of the things I most love to do when visiting someone at home, to look what books they have 😄
    My mum also disliked the trolls and wouldn’t get me one, so I had to exchange one of my magic ponies for one on the school yard 😉 She wasn’t very happy about it 😉 The doll totally reminds me of Helena Bonham Carter! It’s the hair I think 😉


  3. I had a whole collection of those trolls, also smaller ones that sat on the end of a pencil. My mum obviously didn’t have the same objections as yours. Odd, because she objected to lots of things!


  4. An interesting peek into your life, not sure I could be so daring to photograph MY bookshelves! I have a similar troll, or I did before I moved, now I am wondering if I finally threw it out. One was my mascot when I did my ‘O’ levels and it sat on my desk throughout all my exams. Now that shows my age!!

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  5. Great idea Su! Bookshelves are always interesting, and yours especially so! I love that you have so many little treasures on them and I also love that you have some tilting, not all straight lines. Excellent!!!!

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