23 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday: another day, another dead hibiscus flower

  1. When I was pregnant with my oldest I found myself confined to bedrest in the hospital. My husband brought me flowers a few times – tulips and daffodils. I loved watching them change. I even loved them when they were dead and in the vase. The nurses thought it was depressing but I thought they were beautiful. There is beauty in the full bloom and in the decayed blossom. Your photo is lovely.

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    • I totally agree; we are so conditioned to think that beauty is “perfection” and ignore so much that is wonderful around us.
      I hate being confined to bed and would have been the worst patient ever! I was ready to go home about an hour after my son’s birth and had to be persuaded to stay overnight at the hospital. Ironically, I was the oldest woman on the ward (the slightly older one having been more forceful with the nurses and actually gone home already).

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      • It was pretty miserable. But we made it 6 more weeks and he was born at 29 weeks weighing in at 2 lbs. 8 1/2 oz. Now he is my 18 year old, soon to be 19 year old missionary son. I was on bedrest with my second son also but made it to my schedule c-section. My third son was born 11 years later and they had a new treatment so I wasn’t on bedrest, just lots of restrictions. That was so much easier. He was still born about 5 weeks early and spent some time in the NICU. Being stuck in bed is really hard.

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