35 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

    • Hi Janet. This was a project that kind of sneaked up on us. We planted the milkweed late last year, and had lots of caterpillars, but only two chrysalises hatched. They only made it because T rescued them and glued their little stem-things to a matchstick which he hung in the courtyard to protect them.
      After that, we were getting lots of egg-laying, but not many caterpillars — and definitely no chrysalis. It became clear wasps were getting them, and that’s when T got serious!!! He built a wooden frame around the plants and covered it with frost-cloth. Have I mentioned that T is an engineer?
      I didn’t get round to posting much about the caterpillars until the “rescue mission” was underway, so there hasn’t been much context.

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    • Thank you. We planted the milkweed in an area where we’d had the compost bins, so I guess the soil was pretty good. That probably made up for the fact that it was a bit too shady. Sigh!
      The main thing I learned was that caterpillars can really, really EAT. And that next year, I need a whole lot more milkweed.

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