Friday flip through the archive: Daily Prompt — Million Dollar Question

To this I would have to add:
4. Because being part of the blogging community that has embraced me is a truly awesome feeling, and I can’t imagine not having that.



Why do I blog?

1. I’ve got a fidgety brain.  I need to write because it seems to be the only way to channel the fidgeting; to get the ideas that won’t shape themselves in my head somewhere I can see them and construct some sort of sense. It’s cerebral knitting. And yes, I do the actual kind too to stop myself grinching fabric and picking at my fingernails.

2. I’m basically sociable. I like talking to new people; having them become part of the narrative I’m constructing. And more importantly, I love sharing in other people’s stories. My mum can go for a bus ride into town and come home with eight strangers’ life stories. I used to both marvel at that and be slightly freaked out by it. But you know what? I’m becoming my mother – only I’m riding the cyber-bus.

3. I like technology. I used…

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16 thoughts on “Friday flip through the archive: Daily Prompt — Million Dollar Question

  1. I remember times when I rode on the underground train and did actually talk with strangers about a book they or I were reading, or someone commented you on a piece self-fabricated clothing/jewellery… but nowadays everybody seems just to be so absorbed with their smartphones and their virtual lives that they miss what´s really going on around them. Your mother has a real talent when she can make all these people talk! 😀
    And I love your “cerebral knitting” – both the phrase and the actual thing 😉

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    • Thanks. The post is so old, I’d forgotten the “cerebral knitting” comment. You are right about my mother; she is genuinely interested in people, and they in turn pick up on that.
      It is worrying that so people seem utterly engrossed in their virtual lives. I find as I get older that the little interactions with — sometimes complete strangers — are like snacks for my soul. I’m not naturally gregarious, but I have learned to try and compliment people on something about them. You can see the joy that radiates off some people at that. Others, of course, just think I’m crazy and go back to seeking validation from FaceBook. 🙂

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      • It´s funny, my WordPress reader lately has taken to providing me with outdated posts a lot! I always notice too late that it´s actually an old one, when my comment has been posted already 😉
        Some people stop the comments in their post settings after a certain time, but I rather like it when someone comments on an older post, so I won´t do it. 🙂

        I know exactly what you mean with the little snacks for the soul. I´ve always been a believer in complimenting others on certain things and usually they are thrilled someone noticed. But there are of course those who look at you like you´ve become an axe murderer all of a sudden and try to get as much distance between themselves and you as possible! 😀 To be honest, I pity them a bit. They don´t know what they´re missing.

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        • New Zealanders are really bad at accepting compliments and it took me a long time to realise how insulting that is for the person giving it, as well as being quite destructive for the receiver, so now I try really hard to accept compliments graciously, and offer them gently so I don’t frighten the natives!!!
          I also read somewhere about complimenting young girls/women on things other than their appearance, to remind them that they don’t have to be defined by looks. That’s challenging, but really worthwhile. 🙂

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          • I find most people, or make that women?, are quite bad at accepting compliments. I certainly am!
            That´s a good point you´ve mentioned there, about complimenting young girls on something else than their appearance. I will keep this in mind for my pottery classes 🙂 xxxxxx

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