Regular Random: five minutes with the makings of a new project


Image: Su Leslie, 2017

A few weeks ago the Big T and I discovered the Asia Gallery and Vintage Fabric Emporium.

Tucked away on an industrial estate, it’s a shop full of wonders. Kimono, obi and other fabrics of course, but also furniture, homewares and decorative items. It’s all used, and imported from Japan; and everything feels like a bargain. I bought this beautiful four metre long obi (kimono sash) for $20. It is perfect to deconstruct and re-fashion as a wall hanging.

… just as soon as I’ve made the boy-child a new duvet cover.

This is my contribution to Five Minutes of Random (the RegularRandom challenge), a weekly photo challenge hosted by Desley Jane atΒ Musings of a Frequently Flying Scientist.

18 thoughts on “Regular Random: five minutes with the makings of a new project

  1. Oh it’s beautiful. It’s rare to come across a place like that. Japanese fabric always seems to decadent. Just like these photos. They are soft and delicate, yet decadent and luscious. Beautiful Su.

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    • Thank you. I agree about Japanese fabric. The shop has so much of it; little rolls of off-cuts and even tiny scraps. I spend all my time there thinking how I could use the stuff. It gets brain-exploding after a while.

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