DP Photo Challenge: friend

Extreme close-up shot of cat's face. Image: Su Leslie, 2015

Image: Su Leslie, 2015

Dogs may be “man’s best friend” but cats understand the need for space in a relationship (their space at least). That suits me.

Our fur-baby died at the beginning of the year and I miss her terribly (cat allergy notwithstanding).

Daily Post Photo Challenge | friend

36 thoughts on “DP Photo Challenge: friend

    • Thank you so much. I haven’t written about her loss before now; it genuinely was a loss. She was really sick and finally went off and never came back. I still find myself responding to any movement in the garden like it’s her, and going to the cat food aisle in the supermarket.


  1. Oh Su. ❀ I'm so sorry.

    I lost both my cats last year — one of old age and prolonged sickness, the other sudden and shocking — and I too still sometimes think I hear on of them moving in the other room, or expect to find one on the pillow when I wake up. All my sympathies for your loss…

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  3. That face is simply adorable!

    I’m extra sad for you hearing that she just wandered away and never returned. Funny how cats do that when they are injured or not well … but so devastating for you. It’s like closure is more difficult to embrace.

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    • Thank you Joanne. I does torture me a bit not really knowing what happened to her. Her brother got sick the year before and died in my arms at the vet’s. We expected the same thing with her. She had a thyroid problem and her kidneys were failing, and every day we were looking for signs of distress to “know” when it would be the right time to take her to the vet. Instead, she spend her last few days snuggling with us and then just went outside and didn’t come back. I can only hope that was “right” for her, and that she didn’t suffer.


  4. My sympathies. Thyroid, kidneys – seems to be what cats are prone to. Both ours were. We haven’t had a cat for 8 or 9 years, but I still see one out of the corner of my eye sometimes. (It’s usually John’s work bag lurking in a corner, but it feels as though it should be a cat.)

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    • Thank you. Yes, there is so much love shared with our pets that losing them is very painful. I’m still waiting for her to appear at the French doors wanting to come in 😟


  5. The void that they leave in our lives is just inexplicable. But the one solace is that we at least got the opportunity to share a massive chunk of our lives with them. Only a person with a dog knows what this loss means because no matter how many condolence messages we receive that twinkle of the eyes will always be missed.

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