DP Photo Challenge: friend, take 2

The Big T and I spent quite a lot of time this last summer at the Muriwai gannet colony.Β  Although these gannets don’t necessarily mate for life, breeding pairs do share incubation and chick-care duties.

Watching the interactions between these magnificent birds, it is hard not to project human friendship traits onto their behaviour.

Daily Post Photo Challenge | friend.


18 thoughts on “DP Photo Challenge: friend, take 2

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      • And IΒ΄m absolutely sure they do have the same conversations! πŸ™‚
        Two weeks ago a baby blue-tit flew into my kitchen by accident (IΒ΄m feeding them on the windowsill outside), and after rescuing it I watched how it instantly reunited with its family and after a while a bigger blue-tit, and somehow IΒ΄m sure it was its mum, came to the window and waited till I looked at it, gave a little trill, took a nut and flew away, just like wanting to say “Thank you for not harming my little baby!” – it was a very sweet moment πŸ™‚ )

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