15 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday: a beach day for the hardy

  1. We are getting those rainbows on the horizon over the sea down here in southern Oz this year too. We must be in a similar weather pattern. I certainly wouldn’t be swimming myself though the surfers still sometimes get out into it.

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      • At least it’s not boring. I know some Seattle-ites who don’t like rain. The monotony of grey skies is hard for them. Personally, I think living in Seattle and not loving rain is a terrible idea, but I understand the whole live where your job is thing. Personally, I never tire of rain and grey skies. Rain is my favorite.

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        • That’s true. We had some amazing thunderstorms yesterday, and the skies were so incredible! I’d hate to live somewhere really dry, but I did get a bit fed up in the UK, where there always seemed to be too many days that were just grey — not really wet or anything, just overcast.

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