DP Photo Challenge: collage

Collage of early morning fog shots. Wharf, boats and silhouetted trees. Su Leslie, 2017

Fragmented, foggy and a just a little bit gloomy; a description of my mood as much as of this collage. Images: Su Leslie, 2017

My blogging has been a bit erratic this last week. Life has a way of shaking the scaffolding of existence every now and then, and right now mine’s a bit wobbly.

But like any attempt at balance, if I hold my arms out and focus on a single point, I expect I’ll manage to stay upright.

Daily Post Photo Challenge | collage

52 thoughts on “DP Photo Challenge: collage

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    • Thank you GP. I do feel a bit whiny when I think of how much others suffer. For me the hardest thing is watching bad stuff happen to people I care about and knowing there is nothing I can do to stop it.

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  2. I hope the scaffold stays strong and you don’t overbalance. Its a tough life for many ~ I am a carer for my husband ~ but there are some lovely moments. I love your misty collage ~ hope the sun came out for you x

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    • Thank you. Caring makes us both stronger and more vulnerable. So I guess as long as I have people to care for, I will also have reserves of strength when I need them. Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

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      • Thank you Su, I’m okay. Some unnecessary family drama and a surprising result at the doctor – I have a cataract (?! I’m 40) and a spot he thinks is cancer. Sigh. Here’s hoping the cataracts progress very quickly so I can have them fixed before the year ends. Obamacare has really done a number on our health insurance but right now we have met the deductible. Fingers crossed that my eyes get much worse, very quickly – except for the cancer part, hopefully that is just wrong.

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        • I’m so sorry to hear this. I hope you can have treatment very soon and that the spot isn’t cancerous.
          I can’t even begin to understand US healthcare systems or policies. Everywhere I have lived, healthcare is a basic right (though actually getting it can be challenging).
          Fingers crossed that you can access whatever you need — and soon. xx

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          • Thank you Su. I saw the specialist last week. He doesn’t think it’s cancer but he does think it’s this terrible and rare auto-immune disease. (No fun!) I have a biopsy in a few weeks to find out for sure. US healthcare is a mess right now. Obamacare has only hurt us (meaning my family, I’m not trying to make a blanket statement for my fellow citizens), and it’s making our healthcare choices too complicated. For instance, we are now planning to select the highest level of insurance offered in November which will triple our rates. We’ll do it if I haven’t been able to have surgery yet because our deductible is so high right now that even though our premiums will be higher than what they otherwise would have been, plus the out of pocket costs of the surgeries, BUT the higher monthly premiums will come out of our wages pre-tax and lower our overall tax burden. What a ridiculous set of choices to have to consider! Thank you for the well wishes. ❀

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          • Oh Amberly. I’m so sorry. I hope that you’ll have certainty (and treatment) very soon. It does sound like your healthcare system is very broken. It’s crazy to me that you virtually have to be an accountant to figure out how to care for your family. I have renewed gratitude for the forward-thinking politicians who set our healthcare system up all those years ago.
            Thinking of you, and sending hugs. πŸ™‚

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