DP Photo Challenge: waiting

Waiting for the music. Close up shot of young girl about to begin her routine in the Highland dancing competiton at the Helensville Show, Auckland, NZ. Image: Su Leslie, 2017

Waiting for the music. Highland dancer competing in the Helensville A&P Show Highland Dancing competition, Auckland NZ. Image: Su Leslie, 2017

Competitions always involved lots of waiting; for the event to begin, for your turn to perform, and for the judges’ decision.

Here are a few moments of waiting from this year’s Helensville A&P (Agricultural & Pastoral) Show, north of Auckland.

Daily Post Photo Challenge | waiting

25 thoughts on “DP Photo Challenge: waiting

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  2. I was brought up on agricultural shows – my father was a grain buyer for a famer’s cooperative so his outfit always had a stand, which, if I remember rightly was much given to energetic entertaining of the alcoholic sort. I got very excited when I found agri shows in Lusaka and Nairobi too – and on v. colonial show grounds. And I’d also been thinking of posting an agri show waiting image. Great minds, eh! It’s good to add glimpses of yours to my collection πŸ™‚

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    • How cool. I’d love to see your shot.
      T and I are both city kids, but agricultural shows are so embedded in the national DNA here that we were taken to them as kids, and still get excited about them now. In fact, I’m seriously looking at how to enter some jams and pickles in the food competition Helensville next year.
      I remember going to the Herts County show when we lived in England. Very similar to our shows, but with Morris dancing!

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    • Thanks Maggie. They are amazing to watch. It’s a big sport here and in all the years I’ve been watching it, I’ve never seen a mishap. Some of the contest involve chopping notches into vertical poles, inserting planks, climbing them and repeating until the guys get to the top of a tall pole and cut the top off. That’s scary!

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    • She was one determined little girl. We watched her performance, which was not without mistakes. She recovered from her slip-ups beautifully and just kept dancing. I’m picking she’s going to be a formidable adult too.

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  4. Love your take on the waiting…
    the opening dancer is my fav – the instrument on ground, the posture, arms propped – serious face – oh such a mood of waiting and alerted grabbed so well.
    and each tied in and then laughed at the nails – bah!
    manicure gets a ten… um wait, those cuticles – give her an 8
    wishing you a nice week

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