Six word Saturday: I voted … and now I wait

Polling has closed in NZ’s general election. Now we wait for the result. I’m waiting with a glass of wine because it’s my birthday and I’ve asked the universe for a new government. Image: Su Leslie, 2017

51 thoughts on “Six word Saturday: I voted … and now I wait

  1. Happy Birthday Su!
    There’s an article on page A13 of the Globe and Mail by Nick Perry, Taupo, New Zealand, with the title “New Zealand PM says his ‘faith’ has been tested in tight election race.” So I was reading it with interest. Hope it goes well.

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  2. A most happy birthday, Su, and may your upcoming year be filled with blessings!! That bubbly looks delightful. My view on voting is that if you vote, you can complain if you don’t like the way things go. If you didn’t, you can’t. πŸ™‚


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    • Thank you Janet. I think the same about voting. There was a massive campaign here to get young people to enrol and vote. Those special votes may yet alter the political landscape when they’re counted. (I live in hope).


      • Next week, which means that it is only 6 months before I am entitled to the state pension that I should have had four years ago! And hopefully a free bus pass – mindst you it will take me all day to get anywhere down here on a bus.

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        • 😦 I heard about the shifting eligibility age for pensions in the UK. That would be a major vote-loser here. It’s been mooted, but gets shot down very quickly. Your bus service sounds a bit like ours; except I live in the country’s largest city!

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          • Shifted mine twice and I was very angry that they set the second cut-off date for my age to April of that year instead of staggering the dates. So a woman who was born before 6th April in the same year as me got her pension last October., 18 months before me. They also changed the rules too, so I no longer qualify for the full pension though when I stopped work I did!! I suppose I should be grateful that I will get anything as I suspect in the future there won’t be a state pension at all.


          • That is appalling! I suppose I should be grateful that our “kingmaker” party here has a huge support base amongst older people, and as long as that remains the case, pensions are relatively “safe.”

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