“… Make the most of freedom and of pleasure”

In the clouds; Mt Ngaruahoe from the Desert Road. Image: Su Leslie, 2017

Mt Ruapehu from the Desert Road. image: Su Leslie, 2017

Perhaps it’s because I live at sea-level that the sight of the mountains on New Zealand’s Central Plateau never cease to fill me with joy and wonder.

As I was driving, the Tears for Fears song “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” started playing, and for a few moments, the world was pretty damn perfect.


34 thoughts on ““… Make the most of freedom and of pleasure”

      • I really enjoyed our drive up the east coast last year as once we’d got over to that side (a horrible 7 hour drive on motorways) we took it slowly, driving a couple of hours a day and stopping at interesting places en route. Such a lovely way to travel.


  1. My missionary is really missing the mountains. They are so massive where we live and South Carolina is pretty flat by comparison. For me, my mountains feel like an anchor, you always know where you are based on the mountains. This is the mountain I live at the foot of. (Ignore the website, just scroll down to see the mountain, this is my view) http://mmcp.co/about-us/


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