Wordless Wednesday

Brunch on the road. Coffee and almond croissant at Creel Lodge cafe, Turangi. Image: Su Leslie, 2017


46 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

      • It’s hideous getting out of Auckland, but then the roads empty out quite a lot. On the way home I had quite long periods where I barely saw another car. Handy when the scenery is great and a bit distracting :-/

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      • My (soon to be) daughter-in-law’s mother lives in Raglan, a couple of hours from Auckland and the drive there was always very pleasant (apart from the winding roads at the end of the journey) – I didn’t even find Auckland traffic bad. After Sydney traffic it seemed no worse to me that a small town here! I guess we are used to lots of traffic and hold-ups.

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      • Raglan is lovely. We have toyed with moving there (or thereabouts). Auckland traffic has definitely got worse in the last few years, but it’s all relative as you say. The Big T drives in Melbourne a lot and it’s gotten horrendous recently too — way worse than here he says. I’m not sure I’ve ever been in a car in Sydney (apart from the odd taxi). I love the train and bus service (at least for the places I’ve ever wanted to go). πŸ™‚


      • Raglan IS lovely. I could definitely live there. Nice little shops, good coffee places, lovely beaches and a nice old fashioned comfortable laid back surfy feeling about it. Public transport is very good in Sydney and what I use when I visit, but I have been in my son’s car and driving is very stressful. He left his car for me to drive whilst he was away, but I didn’t dare to!

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      • Raglan scored big-time for me as a place to live when I found a flyer in one of the cafes advertising a sewing group that met once a week to make reusable shopping bags to be delivered to local stores to replace single-use plastic bags. They weren’t selling the bags, but relying on people taking them to re-use or bring back. I loved everything about this; from addressing a huge environmental issue, to bringing people together. They were targeting people (mainly women I guess) who might feel isolated and offering a chance of positive socialising. My sort of town. Oh, and no traffic jams (except maybe on holiday weekends in summer). πŸ™‚

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  1. I’m drooling… I honestly can’t remember the last time I had an Almond Croissant – my absolute FAVOURITE pastry – they don’t seem to exist in this part of the world (which could be a good thing for my waist line🀣)!

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    • My favourite too. They seem to be reasonably easy to find here, but I’ve trained myself not to notice them too often (well, that’s my story). But of course the rules don’t apply when I’m away from home πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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