DP Photo Challenge: glow, take 2

Close up shot of painted glass tea-light holder, with tea light. Image: Su Leslie, 2017

Tea light holder. Image: Su Leslie, 2017

The sun’s flirtation seems to have ended, and it’s cold again and very windy.

A good day to light some candles, make a coffee and read my book.

Daily Post Photo Challenge | glow

29 thoughts on “DP Photo Challenge: glow, take 2

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  2. So pretty, Su. I love that it’s a little city and not simply glorious colors, although those would have been fine, too. Although we had a bit of sunshine right after sunrise, it’s now cloudy and windy, the perfect day for a book and tea. So I’ll join you.


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    • That’s what I loved about it too Janet. The shop had a few different designs and I dithered over which to buy — finally settling on that one and another with orange and red flowers.
      It’s another gloomy day here too, but I can’t put off my chores any longer, so reading will have to wait. Enjoy your tea and book.

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    • Thank you. The design is painted on. I bought a couple and they are quite pretty without a light inside, but adding the candle really makes the colours glow. In the shop, they were lit with little LEDs, and I found a few strips of battery-powered LED lights to try out too. πŸ™‚

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