The Changing Seasons: October, 2017

Nature's kaleidoscope. Close up shot of thyme flowers, seen from above with green foliage out of focus in the background.. Image: Su Leslie, 2017

Nature’s kaleidoscope. Thyme flowers, seen from above. Image: Su Leslie, 2017

October felt like a month in which I’ve been merely a visitor.

True, I made trips to my dad’s in Whanganui  and to Melbourne with the Big T. But even at home in my garden, I’ve watched nature get on with the job of regenerating after winter, while I’ve simply observed.

The Changing Seasons  is a blogging challenge hosted by Cardinal Guzman with two versions: the original (V1) which is purely photographic and the new version (V2) where you can allow yourself to be more artistic and post a painting, a recipe, a digital manipulation, or simply just one photo that you think represents the month.

These are the rules, but they’re not written in stone – you can always improvise, mix & match to suit your own liking:

The Changing Seasons V1:

Tag your posts with #MonthlyPhotoChallenge and #TheChangingSeasons
Each month, post 5-20 photos in a gallery.
Don’t use photos from your archive. Only new shots.

The Changing Seasons V2:

Tag your posts with #MonthlyPhotoChallenge and #TheChangingSeasons
Each month, post one photo (recipe, painting, drawing, whatever) that represents your interpretation of the month.
Don’t use archive stuff. Only new material!

30 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons: October, 2017

  1. If I limit myself to the ‘sea’ of seasonal, my mind focuses on the Lemnos Gallipoli memorial. I think of Lemnos, an island in the sea, and I also think of the ‘sea’ change in our war memorials; they have so much quiet, resolute dignity in them these days. What a wonderful sculpture.

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  2. There’s such a melancholy in your words. The comment about being just a visitor implies a feeling of just observing life rather than participating in it. I hope this approaching summer helps rekindle your zeal.

    Your photos provide a wonderful peek into spring with everything coming alive again – precisely as I watch everything die here. I like the power and fury of the Waikato River. In my head I can imagine the roaring sound of it.

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  3. I find it hard to believe that nature can do all that without your help!! 🙂 We’re bouncing a bit from fall-almost-winter to fall-with-quite-a-lot-of-leaves-still-on-the-trees and between wet-and-chilly to winter-jacket-cold. But there are places in the US having snow, so I guess we’re still in fall-of-some-sort. Enjoyed the trip to spring.


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    • 🙂 Thanks Janet. Nature has conspired to give us such a cold, wet spring that I’ve barely been able to walk in the garden without rubber boots (gumboots to me, wellies in the UK and I’m not sure what you call them).

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