DP Photo Challenge: temporary

Last summer the Big T and I planted milkweed, and enjoyed front-row seats to the lives of some monarch butterflies. From egg to mature caterpillar takes around two weeks; the chrysalis stage lasts around 10 days, and a butterfly can emerge, dry its wings and fly away in about 10 minutes.

Daily Post Photo Challenge | temporary

34 thoughts on “DP Photo Challenge: temporary

    • True, but probably not in our garden 😦 After last year we realised we’d either have to commit to planting a lot of swan plants (not sure we have space) or none. We went away for a few days at a crucial time, the person who’d offered to re-home some of the caterpillars didn’t show up, and I came back to find lots of them dead. I spent days cutting up pumpkin and hanging it on what was left of the plants to try and save as many as I could. Then we started stalking wasps and preying mantis. I think I’d need to arrange “butterfly-sitters” so that we can go away on holiday during their life-cycle.

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    • Thanks Janet. Milkweed doesn’t seem to grow that well here. We had to really nurture the plants. I was hoping that some might grow from the many seed heads that burst, but I’ve seen nothing so far. 🙂


  1. They seem to be doing well there, Su. I think our Monarchs are having a bit of trouble. Don’t know whether its the herbicides or not. I did see a couple this summer but there use to be so many more.

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    • I think they are struggling here too. We have a charity dedicated to getting people to plant milkweed to try and help maintain the population. As I mentioned to Gallivanta, nurturing our caterpillars to maturity actually took a huge amount of effort. The Big T built a shelter to protect them from wasps, we had to transplant a few fallen chrysalis to a safer place (and superglue them on so they wouldn’t fall — 100% success rate with that one amazingly), and towards the end of the season, we were feeding them on pumpkin because they’d eaten all the milkweed. It was totally worth it to witness every stage of their amazing lives, but boy was it hard work!

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