Regular Random: five minutes with some Christmas decorations


Christmas decorations. Image: Su Leslie, 2017

Enthusiasm for Christmas is a bit thin on the ground here. The Big T is exhausted from his almost constant business travel, the boy-child has been sick with a throat infection and I’m — well — I’m just not that into it.

I did hunt out the box of decorations with the intention of putting some up around the place.

Instead, I ended up photographing them.

Oh well, there’s always tomorrow. Or next year.

Five Minutes of Random (the #RegularRandom challenge) is hosted by Desley Jane at Musings of a Frequently Flying Scientist. Her latest post showcases her gorgeous Christmas decorations, so do pop over and take a look.

If you’d like to join in:

  • choose a subject or a scene
  • spend five minutes photographing it – no more!
  • try to see it from many angles, look through something at it, change the light that’s hitting it
  • tag your post #regularrandom and ping back to Desley’s post
  • have fun!

37 thoughts on “Regular Random: five minutes with some Christmas decorations

  1. Time to get rid of all those Victorian excesses? I used to like decorating the tree when my kids were young and I have done it if the grandies have visited, but my heart hasn’t been in it for years really. I’m not religious and I hate the commercialism.

    We are on our own this year so going to ignore it as much as possible – off out for a turkey lunch today and that’s that. I do rather like your idea of photographing the decorations, now this works very well. Can I be bothered to get them down to do the same? Probably not. Hope you and Big T manage to relax and the boy child feels better. Sip wine and enjoy the sunshine 🙂
    My rant last year 😀

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    • I totally agree; I think I wrote something similar to your 2016 post a few years ago.
      Like you, I did enjoy trying to make Christmas special for the boy-child, but given the “family focus” and our lack of functional extended family, it’s always felt a bit off.
      We have a few traditions — mainly around food and the kid’s Advent Calendar — that are ours, but the consensus here is that less is more. All I really want is to lounge in a sunny spot and read a book.
      Thanks for your kind wishes. The boy-child seems to be on the mend, and T was doing well until he managed a rather spectacular tumble yesterday and is a bit bruised. Heigh ho.

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  2. No matter the spirit, the photos look lovely. I enjoy decorating for Christmas and really hate to take down the decorations once Christmas is over. I’ve been known to leave them up to almost the end of January. I do everything except decorate the tree. My husband and the girls do that. And of course I love the Christmas Eve service. Won’t be long now. All we still need is some decorative snow. Doesn’t look as if there’ll be any, though. Oh well, we’ll have fun anyway. But Christmas is supposed to be a time filled with joy, so I think you should do as much or as little as makes that possible. Decorations and presents aren’t really the reason for the season anyway.


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    • Thanks Janet. I think it’s the hijacking of old festivals — which have actual meaning — for commercial purposes that really drains me of Christmas spirit. It puts so much pressure on people, and has created even longer lines outside the foodbanks and City Mission. We’ve agreed as a family how we want to spend the day, and it is very simply!

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    • Thanks Anabel. I’ve watched, in tears, the huge queue outside the City Mission in the last week and am feeling equal parts anger and sadness at how much pressure the social construction of “Christmas” has put on the most vulnerable in our society. As a family, we decided a few years ago to make donations to the Mission and to Women’s Refuge in lieu of gifts to each other and it not only feels good, but is waaay less pressure! The boys are (mainly) on the mend, and will hopefully be ready for a full day of relaxation come next Monday. 🙂


  3. Whatever happens in your world down there,keep smiling 🙂 Christmas is upon us,The Big T will have a good rest,the boy-child will soon recover and you’ll all feel the Spirit.Have a Joyful & Peaceful Christmas & New Year dear Su ❤ xxx

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  4. Those are very lovely decorations and I’m so sorry to hear that you don’t feel much like hanging them around but I do understand it as I’m feeling just the same. Unlike you I haven’t even bothered getting the stuff out! 😂 Hope you will have some good R&R time – you deserve it! 😚 xxxxxxx

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    • I did finally get the decorations out. I’ve put them in a few bowls around the house, with tinsel and some little LED lights I got in a sale. We couldn’t work up the enthusiasm for a tree (and couldn’t figure out where to put one), but the bowls look nice, and I am feeling a bit more festive. It probably helps that I’ve made some boozy granitas — chardonnay, and spiced pinot noir. I’ve just tasted the pinot (purely for research purposes) and it’s good!!! The chardonnay one is a family tradition, so just knowing it’s in the freezer feels a bit Christmasy (crazy, I know). I hope you have a relaxing time, and that your mum is feeling better. xxxxx 🙂

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      • The idea with the decorated bowl sounds beautiful, Su! No tree for us either this year, only a lovely poinsettia which brightens things up a bit. Hehe! All tasting is purely for research purposes 😉 You can’t possibly serve something if you’re not 100% sure it tastes good. 😄 Enjoy your boozy granitas and a relaxing time too! Xxxxxxx

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