40 thoughts on “What’s Christmas without mulled wine granita?

  1. Sounds (and of course the photo looks), wonderful. Yum.
    I wanted to say thanks so much for always dropping by and visiting my blog despite my erratic posting this last year. Much appreciated.
    I hope you and your family have a lovely and Happy Christmas. All the best, Su.
    Amanda πŸ™‚

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    • I heartily endorse the healthy part of that equation. But failing health, I’ll take joy and happiness in exchange. I kind of feel that each year is given an abundance of two out of three–like the wishes you get in fairytales that all come with a hidden curse. Don’t ask for more happiness than you could handle, you might not like the mania that you achieve.

      Man, maybe I am tippling a bit much of the holiday cheer sauce. That was particularly incoherent statement. *Scrubs brain with fierce shake.*

      May your happiness never exceed your reach and your desires always match your ability to enjoy them. There, now that’s just cryptic enough that it might make sense.

      Enjoy your mysterious New Year’s sentiment of choice. Or make up your own. Apparently, that’s allowed now.


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