35 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

        • I’d probably have a limited market in terms of countries that don’t prohibit random food being sent there. NZ is really strict because we’re an agricultural country. On a side note; I tried a variation on the jam recipe today. Less sugar, a bit more lemon and some lemon and ordinary thyme as an infusion while the fruit cooked. A bit unusual, but I like it. I feel scones coming on πŸ˜€

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          • Ooh! Your jam variation sounds just too good to be true! I can so imagine the taste and how well it would go with scones!!! I once made apple gelee and added some mint leaves to it – that was so awesome – you kind of felt like you’ve just brushed your teeth! 😁

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          • πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ apple jelly with mint sounds sooooo good. I have never tried to make fruit jelly; mainly because I remember my mother’s attempts which always seemed to involve hours of fruit preparation, a hot kitchen, days of the constant drip of liquid falling from the muslin cloth, all for jars of stuff no-one really wanted to eat. Maybe she should have added mint! πŸ˜‚ xxxxxx

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      • In that case I’ll eat them as is. If you have any left. My mother always used to buy us both a huge peach when I accompanied her to the market as a child. They were big and sweet and the juice would run down your chin. Not now though. Unless you head to Spain. The problem being that we get fruit that is picked unripened and spends weeks/months in cold storage so we have nectarines in winter and oranges in summer. I wish we could go back to having produce fresh when it is in season. Rant over!!

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        • I love your memory of childhood peaches. We used to get ours in wooden boxes from an orchard which at the time was β€œout in the country” but eventually got swallowed by the city. The orchard was bulldozed, and the land used to build the preschool my son went to! Once the boxes were empty, my brothers and I built stuff out of them.
          Your rant sounds a lot like some of mine. I love the way food reflects the seasons, and have never really understood the whole imported cucumber in winter thing.
          I had a job once writing a video script for a tomato importing business in the UK. At the briefing meeting, the marketing person told me several times that I had to emphasise that their tomatoes were grown for taste. I, being somewhat naive, asked what else they could be grown for?

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