39 thoughts on “DP Photo Challenge: silence, take 2

      • and do you know that our kitchen is almost this shade of a muted pale yellow – and I was tired of it and we started covering it – but when one wall was done I said “stop – I want to yellow” and we have kept it – it is a bit fresh and relaxing – not sure what color to go to next but it is still working for now….

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          • hahah wow – that is actually very funny how the loudness likely impaired the cooking.
            and our first home had hideous orange counter tops and these pattern olive green tiles – so in like month three I just – on a whim- started demo – hubs was downstairs with a small gorup and they wer elike “what is that?”
            ahhh to be young….
            anyhow, “after” I destroyed the tiles we found out they were high end imported things and the previous homeowner – who built the house and lived there 40 years and put those in – was like “you could have at least recycled them”
            and that was true – but at the time i just wanted the “noise” to stop
            and it sounds similar to your wall….

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          • I’m with you. Noise is noise, no matter how much it cost. And really, have they ever tried to recycle tiles????
            I love the spontaneity of your “renovation.” My mother was like that. When I was a kid, sometimes my brothers and I would get home from school to find her stripping wallpaper off some room in the house. By the time Dad got home, we’d all be covered in wet strips of old wallpaper and the room would be almost done. He’d sigh, and forget whatever other plans he had for the weekend. πŸ™‚

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          • oh that sigh part got me – what a guy to join in – and how cool that your momma was doing stuff like that – she was ahead of the curve for sure.
            I think what helped me get into such modes is that my parents were divorced and i actually went with my mom to these local home improvement classes – and so Su – Ia m proud to say that i can replace screens. lol
            could do it at 12…. lol
            anyhow, I used to love the “rehab addict” show – have you ever heard of it? she would love your chair!

            oh and yeah – tiles are heavy and hard on the hands.
            we also had to dispose of one of a 1950s clothes line – those metal ones they put in yards – and those huge chunks of the concrete base support – well I made trips to this little lakebed that already had some concrete chunks mixed with rocks – whew – heavy

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          • I’m impressed!!!! I love the idea of your mum taking you to home improvement classes. It’s so empowering to know that you can handle basic home repairs without being at the mercy of tradesmen (or well-meaning friends).
            Both my parents are very practical and capable. My dad is a real craftsman, and always had great quality tools that he took good care of, so I grew up always having “the right tool for the job.” The Big T is kinda the same. Although he does very theoretical, conceptual engineering design work for a living, he is totally practical and able to fix anything.
            I don’t know the “rehab addict” show, but I’m guessing I’d love it.

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          • you hit the nail on the head with a point about the tools (and ugh to the phrase…) but so often it is the tool that can stop us with DIY- and we only recently discovered how much we could do – that house with the loud kitchen – that was turned calm – well good thing we loved because it was built in 58 – and we would have been in for repairs (the next homeowners mentioned it and we saw it coming) so getting into a newly built home was a treat and allowed us to not have to worry so much about many of those things – but it is fun to know – and can be a gift if it is done well – hee

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          • ahhh – sigh is right -an eco sounds amazing. Also – I can imagine the labor of love the makeover was…
            and for us – down side to a new build was feeling nickel and dimed with so many items – like storm doors -garage door openers -and sometimes the “standard items” included leave much to be desired- ha – but even in an older home items could wear down and then upgrades are in order-

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          • We have friends who found that. They got what they thought was a good quote from a building company, but then discovered that any small changes, or upgrades to slightly better quality fittings, etc were going to cost them a fortune. It was a horrible experience for them in the end, and they’ve never really enjoyed their “dream home” as a consequence. 😦

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          • Our building regulations got “loosened” in the 90s, and there have been sooooo many problems with houses since then having really major issues — like they leak and get mouldy and stuff.

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          • oh wow – well we lucked out because our was built in 2003 – and I guess here int the States there was a huge batch of moldy (mouldy) dry wall from China and it was in hoses built around 2005 (I think) but my momma called me in a panic one day and then relaxed when we were in the clear years.
            but it makes you wonder what more has gone on – and as you noted – the word “loosened” is what happened all around – but do you think codes are back up now? I know here in some places they are – esp. hurricane states.
            and I have a quick story – I mean – why not – lol
            but within the second year of being our new build – a huge gutter was ripped down in the wind. It literally was fastened with only a few nails and my spouse was like “wtf” –
            and it also came at such a bad time money wise cos job changes and as noted – still trying to put in all the extras or doing any upgrades – even tho cannot complain too much cos I know many others who had it was worse – ours was mild.
            okay – back to story – so pissed off – we finally got that gutter fixed – secured that sucker good and tended the trim and whatnot.
            fast forward about ten years and a huge multi-day storm came through and guess what? at least 5 neighbors made roof and gutter insurance claims (which can make rates hike) and a couple neighbors had to fix other things – but our house? nada. We realized that the securing we did back then not only held the gutter but the lip (or whatever – flashing?) was so secure it stopped shingles from coming up and well – it is kind of a story of how things sorta work out – I remember being pissed and inconvenienced back then and then after the storm I now smile at how it helped us in the long run…


          • oh and just FYI = here is a link to rehab addict – have not seen it in a few years – but her early episodes were great because she specialized in older homes – kept things as original to the home period as possible – but also worked on a slim budget and it was inspiring to see her salvage stuff – from an eco and earth mindfulness standpoint – but also with humility and just cleverness – πŸ™‚

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