Regular Random: five minutes with some pink flowers

Detail from bouquet of pink resurrection lilies. Image: Su Leslie, 2018

Amaryllis belladonna or Lycoris squamigera both sometimes called Naked Ladies. Image: Su Leslie, 2018

My late mother in law loved flowers, and while she was still able to garden, bought and planted blooms of all sorts. It seemed that whatever the time of year, Joy’s garden always offered some colourful, often fragrant, delights.

She died about 18 months ago, and the garden has become rather wild and overgrown. But the flowers remain, and I couldn’t resist picking a few of the flowers that line the long driveway.

Five Minutes of Random (the #RegularRandom challenge) is hosted by Desley Jane at Musings of a Frequently Flying Scientist.

If you’d like to join in:

  • choose a subject or a scene
  • spend five minutes photographing it – no more!
  • try to see it from many angles, look through something at it, change the light that’s hitting it
  • tag your post #regularrandom and ping back to Desley’s post
  • have fun!

Update: some additional botanical research has left me unsure if the “lilies” are Amaryllis belladonna or Lycoris squamigera (resurrection lily)– both members of the Amaryllis family and not lilies at all.

38 thoughts on “Regular Random: five minutes with some pink flowers

    • I went looking for some information about them to share with you, and I suspect that I was given the wrong name (that’ll teach me to do my own research in future). I suspect they are not Lycoris squamigera, but actually Amaryllis belladonna. Both seem to also be called naked ladies. And just when I thought I was starting to get somewhere with this plant identification thing … 🙂


      • They look similar to crinium powelli (swamp lily) which flower here at the end of summer and are of the Amaryllis family and also flower before the leaves appear. Naked Ladies is a name we use for the autumn crocus, again which flowers before the leaves appear. Anyway, what’s in a name – they are very beautiful whatever they are 🙂

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    • Thanks Amy. I think resurrection lilies are so called partly because they flower around Easter. But that’s in the Northern Hemisphere, which got me wondering if I’ve mis-named them. I suspect now that I have and that “my” flowers are Amaryllis belladonna. Sigh. At least I’m a better genealogist than botanist 🙂

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  1. Gosh, Su, these photos are absolutely gorgeous! My late m-i-l gardened as well, but more along the lines of veggies than flowers, although she did have some of those as well. Last year I planted a small garden of perennials, so I’m looking forward to seeing if they all come back this year. I always plant a few cherry tomato plants as well. Maybe one day I’ll have a veggie garden again, but for now, this will have to do. I did have an excellent crop of basil last year.


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