Garlic-infused honey, at source?

If Manuka honey is valuable because the beneficial properties of the plant are transferred to the honey, do bees snacking on garlic chive pollen make honey with the extra cough-curing power of garlic?

Just wondering.


32 thoughts on “Garlic-infused honey, at source?

    • I know how you feel. The Manuka honey industry is starting to come under scrutiny for some shady practices β€” like adulterating the product. And here, the theft of whole bee hives has become a problem. There is so much money to be made and people are greedy ☹️


      • Yes! We just watched a Netflix episode of a series called “Rotten”, which explores a variety of topics, one of which was honey. They talked about thefts that have occurred, which I’d never heard of before. Evidently, lots of honey in the stores isn’t really honey and there have been olive oil and Parmesan scandals as well (and others.) I don’t know if it’s a series you can get, but it’s worth watching if you can.

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