Silent Sunday

24 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

      • I had a quick look at the Remembrance Field in Cranmer Square. I thought it would be more impressive but I think they have squashed the crosses into the same area as previous years. I suppose they had to be contained so there would be space for the Anzac Day service. Nice to know you will be honouring the great uncles.

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      • I think you are right about the spacing โ€” and the reason for it. They are definitely closer together than in the Auckland Field. I was so glad both the uncles were accessible; one on a row end, the other in the front row.

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      • I would have really liked that, but the Christchurch leg of this trip is very short. We flew down late morning and are heading to Hororata and then on to Oamaru tomorrow. This is my first visit since the earthquakes; seeing the cathedral in particular was very hard. But weโ€™ve been to the Field of Remembrance and found both the uncles! So very many young lives lost.

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      • Ah, that’s great, except for the Cathedral part. That is a sad sight. Otherwise, it was a beautiful day for travel and sight seeing. I am going now to the Auckland Cenotaph online site to place some poppies. ๐Ÿ™‚ Lest we forget.

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      • It is a beautiful day, as it was the last time I was here.8 think thatโ€™s part of what made seeing the cathedral so hard. I hardly recognised the square, but was glad to see Old Govt House intact. We stayed there once when the boy-child was little and he was terribly impressed by the luxury (so weโ€™re we, but we hid it better). I must pay a visit to the online cenotaph too; it is such a wonderful project.

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  1. Beautiful shot, Su, but I know that building!! The treadmills at my health club have different virtual places you can walk or run, a number of which are in New Zealand. One of them takes me right up to this building. ๐Ÿ™‚ What fun!!


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