45 thoughts on “Daily Post Photo Challenge: lines

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  2. They look pretty orderly to me! Have you ever followed a crowd of human beings in a “march”? I think the cows are more orderly here. 🙂 And the farmer said to drive through the herd?? That would make me very uncomfortable.

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    • I’ve been on lots of marches, none of which got out of control luckily. The cows were pretty crazy and we didn’t really want to drive through the herd in a rental car. Luckily there was a guy in a truck who moved in front of us and we could follow in his wake.

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      • I am not sure whether I would have been more worried about hitting a cow or a cow hitting us! Glad you made it through.

        No, no marches that got out of control, but certainly we weren’t marching in lock step all in a line!

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