Daily Post Photo Challenge: lines

Cows are not orderly animals. I know this because the Big T and I drove behind this herd being moved to a new paddock. A straggley line ambled along about five kilometres of country road near Tuapeka in Otago, NZ.

Daily Post Photo Challenge | Lines

45 thoughts on “Daily Post Photo Challenge: lines

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  2. They look pretty orderly to me! Have you ever followed a crowd of human beings in a “march”? I think the cows are more orderly here. 🙂 And the farmer said to drive through the herd?? That would make me very uncomfortable.

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    • I’ve been on lots of marches, none of which got out of control luckily. The cows were pretty crazy and we didn’t really want to drive through the herd in a rental car. Luckily there was a guy in a truck who moved in front of us and we could follow in his wake.

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      • I am not sure whether I would have been more worried about hitting a cow or a cow hitting us! Glad you made it through.

        No, no marches that got out of control, but certainly we weren’t marching in lock step all in a line!

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      • 😀 we were pretty confident that the only car to cow contact would be initiated by the cow. They seem remarkably unfazed by the vehicles, but prone to sudden changes of direction. And they are huge!

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