Daily Post Photo Challenge: my place in the world

Early morning, Lucas Creek at Greenhithe, Auckland, NZ. Su Leslie 2018

To be perfectly honest, I’m really not sure what constitutes my place in the world . Even geographically, I struggle. I’ve lived in the same neighbourhood (indeed the same house) for 18 years, and yet I wouldn’t claim I’ve ever felt particularly “of” this place.

I feel even more adrift lately, as Auckland’s rapid and unchecked population growth pushes high density housing ever further onto formerly rural land that once nurtured the orchards and gardens that fed us.

This is still a beautiful place; a small claw of sandstone reaching out into the Upper Waitemata Harbour. Early in the morning, and at dusk, it is possible to find a place at water’s edge and listen to the tide lap boats and sea walls. To watch morning mists evaporate, or the sun take its nightly curtain call in rich, splendid colour.

Sunset, Christmas Beach, Herald Island, Auckland. Su Leslie 2018

It is still a beautiful place, and for now, one way or another, I guess it is my place.

Daily Post Photo Challenge | place in the world

51 thoughts on “Daily Post Photo Challenge: my place in the world

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  2. For many years NZ was “my place” and I still hold a special place in my heart for that beautiful country. Your photos really capture that stillness and beauty that can be found in little ‘ole NZ

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  3. It is beautiful. I don’t know what I would consider my place in the world—the town where I raised my children and lived for 26 years? The town where I now live and have lived for almost nine years? The street where I grew up from 5-13? The place where I lived from 13-18? My college? I think if I had to pick one it would be the area on Cape Cod where I’ve spent at least some part of every summer since I was ten years old. It’s the one constant in my life through all those other places.

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    • How lovely to have that constant; I can totally understand how a summer place can be quite grounding.
      I’ve lived in this house four and a half times longer than I have ever lived anywhere, and although I it was a great place to raise the boy-child, it has never been somewhere the Big T and I really felt we belonged. Trying to figure out where we might feel at home in the future is proving challenging now that we’re actually doing it!!


  4. I have been a wanderer from birth it seems, so no place really feels like MY place. Although Cornwall probably comes the closest to somewhere I feel the most at home in. But the place that makes me feel the most content has to be anywhere with nature around me, be it a country lane, an empty beach, a remote hillside, a beautiful garden or even working in my own garden spending hours getting my hands dirty. Then I feel I am in my place.

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    • I totally get that Jude. And I think I realised something similar as I was choosing the photos. It’s more about being in stillness and in nature (and by water) than any specific set of geo-coordinates. I like the occasional trip into town, but I want home to be somewhere with trees and bird-song, and the garden that you and Tish are inspiring me to plan for my forever house.

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  5. Such a beautiful place to be, at least, as you say, for now. I too can’t say that I truly feel connected to one place, least of all where I currently live. Which is why I have yet to create a post for this challenge. LOLAmanda

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  7. I could rant for so long about unchecked growth and destruction of green spaces, but instead I’ll focus on your gorgeous pictures. I love that ribbon of fog hugging the tops of the trees in the first photo and simply everything in the last – the rich colour, the tree silhouette, the drift of the cloud … a perfect capture of a perfect scene.

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  9. I’m trying to get through all the blogs listed on this particular photo challenge because I love it so much. I randomly chose yours and what a coincidence! My place is also in New Zealand! It’s such a beautiful country!

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