DP Photo Challenge: liquid

I couldn’t go to Wellington and not share a photo of the city’s iconic bucket fountain. Especially as this week’s theme for the Daily Post Photo Challenge is liquid.

The bucket fountain was designed and constructed by architects and planning consultants Burren & Keen in 1969, as part of the creation of a pedestrian-only mall in lower Cuba Street. The fountain was originally derided (amongst other complaints was the regular soaking of said pedestrians as water splashed beyond the buckets onto the pavement), but over time it has become a much-loved and much-photographed landmark.

27 thoughts on “DP Photo Challenge: liquid

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    • It’s like so many public artworks and structures — people hate them at first, but when there is a possibility they will be removed, they suddenly become integral to the landscape. The Eiffel Tower is the classic example!!

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    • 😀 the pavement is always in the places most prone to splashed, do they are easy to avoid. I have however, noticed that those are the spots buskers tend to occupy so it’s harder to ignore them.

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  2. I reckon you’d be hard pressed to pull kids away from that one, Su! Reminds me of those splash mat areas at the local swimming pools where kids come running when the bell rings to say the big bucket is about to tip so they can have a ton of water dumped on them.

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  3. What were the other complaints? It seems to do just what an outdoor sculpture should do—-define space and motion and draw the eye so we don’t take spaces for granted.

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