Just because

Seen in Te Papa Tongarewa Museum of New Zealand, Wellington. Su Leslie 2018

I am well and truly back from my little break in Wellington. The bags are unpacked and the laundry’s done. I’ve even dealt to the email backlog.

Unusually, the camera’s SD card isn’t particularly full from this trip. I think the weather may have played a part in this. Although the threatened rain held off, the wind was sufficiently robust to cause the organisers of the LUX light festival to close the event early on two evenings due to public safety concerns.

But I suspect also that Wellington has become almost a second home (albeit one where someone else makes the bed and clean towels appear as if by magic), and as such I no longer see it with eager eyes and lens.

I did however, enjoy the whimsy of the poster above (and yesterday’s Wordless Wednesday shop window).

The poster is promoting an initiative that invites visitors to the museum to “hang” their choice of work from the collection on a virtual Art Wall. Annabelle’s choice (above) is by Michael Smither, and is called big occity (1984).

Given the wealth of NZ art and the large collection at Te Papa, I’d struggle to chose just one work to add to the wall. But this work, Mangaweka, by Robin White, would definitely be a contender. I love the simplicity and clarity — and I have a sneaky fondness for the tiny village of Mangaweka in the central north island.

35 thoughts on “Just because

    • Thanks Leslie. I’ll do a Mangaweka post 😀. It is a tiny little place — a few houses and no shops. There used to be a huge railway viaduct there and I think it might have been a town built to service the railway. But the line was diverted and now it’s a bit desolate. There are efforts these days to attract artists and give the place a new lease of life. It’s obviously captured artists’ imaginations. As well as the Robin White painting, there is a famous NZ poem called the ‘Mangaweka Road Song’.

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  1. I have been looking through the Te Papa collection and clicking on the ones which appeal the most without knowing the painters first. Turns out that my eye is drawn to Archibald Nicoll and Sydney Lough Thompson. Maybe that’s something to do with their Canterbury roots. 🙂

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    • Thanks Ju-Lyn. I always enjoy Wellington. It is a very compact city, with so much going on, unlike Auckland which is incredibly spread out.
      I love the Wall too. I think anything that encourages people to engage with art is worthwhile.

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