Farewell DP Photo Challenge


Silhouette of youth. Posted to The Golden Hour DP Photo Challenge, 17 July 2013. Image: Su Leslie, 2013

Like many in the WP community, I’m sad and a little disappointed at the demise of the Daily Post Photo Challenge. It’s been instrumental not only in helping me develop my own photographic skills and confidence, but more importantly, in introducing me to a huge number of amazing bloggers.

I wouldn’t say that the shot above is an absolute favorite image, but it’s one of the earliest I ever posted to a challenge, and it does still make me smile.

It reminds me how different life was five years ago. My boy-child was 15, and although he was happy to spend time with his parents, he was already looking beyond us to a world of his own making.

Daily Post Photo Challenge |all-time favorites

36 thoughts on “Farewell DP Photo Challenge

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  2. I am also sad about the decision to end the daily challenge and other features offered to the WordPress community. I truly hope they will decide to introduce something to replace them. 😦

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  3. It’s a wonderful shot, Su! And I’m also sad these challenges have stopped although I’ve never participated. But I enjoyed looking at all the entries by you and our fellow bloggers. And I’m sure there will something similar coming up in the future. Xxxxxx

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  4. I have never participated in any of WP challenges, and I don’t understand how they work, but I do hope to see your photographs in the future as I am getting back to normal after my long absence. It is sad that WP has discontinued a popular feature 😦

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