Seven day black & white photo challenge: day one

Elizabeth Thompson, Moths, 2014-2017. Seen in Sarjeant on Quay Gallery, Whanganui.

My dear friend Sarah at Art Expedition has issued an open invitation to join the Seven Day Black & White Photo Challenge, and I’m taking her up on it.

The rules are:

Seven days. Seven black & white photos of your life. No people. No explanations. Challenge someone new everyday.

I’m issuing an open challenge too. Who else will join in?

27 thoughts on “Seven day black & white photo challenge: day one

  1. I got stitched up with one of these on Facebook. I declined to pass on the chalice to others but I did fulfil the 7 days of B&W images which I also posted on my blog. It was fun 🙂 I won’t be joining in this time but I wish you good luck on your 7-day voyage 🙂

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  2. In the midst of a month long roof challenge, so I won’t be joining you, but I might do this later on in the year. I haven’t done much black and white for a while and usually only by converting colour images. Might be nice to switch the camera onto B&W and see what I can discover.
    Love the moths – there are SO many moths. Many in my bedroom at night! I don’t mind the small ones, but the big ones flapping around are not so nice.

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  3. I´m so glad you took up the challenge, Su – this one is so perfect! The moths look beautiful – how come so many don´t like them? If one cares to take a better look then it´s clear how wonderful they are too – And I love that you chose only the slightest contrast as it gives credit to their delicateness. Looking so much forward to the next 6 days!!! 😀 xxxxxxxx

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    • I don’t like the damage moths can do to fabrics, rather than disliking the actual creatures. The sculpture these are from is gorgeous — part of an exhibition called Creature which has some whimsical ceramic pieces and some glass gnomes in it as well. xxxxxxx

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      • Yeah, that’s a problem I admit. I have to fight every year those moths who love dried food like oats etc. Everything is stowed away in boxes but they still come and like to hang around! 😂 And of course the other ones are madly in love with the few cashmere sweaters I have! 😂 xxxxxx


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