Forecasting the weather


… next minute. Closest lightning I’ve experienced for a while. Su Leslie 2018

From the west-facing window in my office I can see the Waitakere Ranges on a clear day (on most days actually).

I can also see the rain coming.

Sometimes the light just before a storm is so clear it makes the view almost a parody of leafy suburbia.

Today was such a day.

About two minutes after I took this, the house shook in the most amazing lightning strike. Judging from the intensity of the flash and my neighbours’ reactions too — I think we must have pretty much been Ground Zero.

35 thoughts on “Forecasting the weather

  1. Such a striking contrast between the beautiful green shades and the dark inky skies!
    Fantastic photography,nasty experience,dear Su.It sounds as if the hypocentre of an earthquake were under your feet.Have a nice,rainless day,my friend πŸ™‚ xxx

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  2. I love that light! I can see the rainbow too! I remember taking an interesting photo in Ludlow in the middle of a storm – like yours, overhead – when the light was truly amazing and a big double rainbow appeared. Your leafy suburb actually looks very nice.

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