Nature’s sculpture. Su Leslie 2018Nature is the finest sculptor. Image: Su Leslie 2018

I’ve never grown out of the desire to pick up (and bring home) random beautiful objects I find while out walking.

Auckland’s coastal geology is predominantly sandstone, a rock easily smoothed and eroded. I love the spare, sculptural forms that result.

30 thoughts on “Simplicity

    • 🙂 sometimes I think I should abandon all notions of a tidy house and just let my collections of found stuff take over. I have artist friends whose house is wonderfully like a museum of curiosities. Some of the stuff ends up in their art, but a lot of it is just there for the sheer joy it brings. xxxxxx 🙂

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      • That sounds like a place I would love to visit! Your friend definitely is on the right track!! But if I abandon all notions of a tidy home it more or less will look like a tornado went through! 😀 xxxxxxx


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