Antony Gormley’s ‘Angel of the North’ — with a few visitors. Image: Su Leslie, 2013


‘The Angel of the North’ 1998 — artist Antony Gormley. Situated on the hilltop at Birtley, in Tyneside. Image: Su Leslie, 2013

If I’d looked more closely at Deb’s One Word Sunday last week, I’d have rationed my “huge art, tiny people” shots from Gibbs Farm Sculpture Park, Auckland, so as to have some left for this week’s word | Dwarf.

But I found these (pre-DSLR) shots of the magnificent ‘Angel of the North.’ At 20 metres tall, it definitely dwarfs its human visitors.

32 thoughts on “Dwarfed

  1. Wow! WoW! WOW! These shots are brilliant! The statue is brilliant! The setting is brilliant! And I love how small the man in the second shot seems to be although you can tell that he actually isn´t! xxxxxx

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    • 😀 thank you. It was such a great sight to see. I was on a road trip with my mum and we made a special detour to it. It’s on the edge of a very ordinary housing estate and Mum was convinced I was going the wrong way 😂

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