Wondering what is on his mind

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And …

My friend Sarah at Art Expedition is hosting a variation on the Seven Day B&W Challenge — this time the image must include people.

The rules of Sarah’s Seven Day B&W Challenge — Street Photography are:

• Thank the person who has nominated/tagged you and provide a link to their blog.

•  Go out and take pictures of complete strangers for 7 days in a row and post one of them each day of the challenge (you can also post 7 photos in one post if you´re more comfortable with this).

• The photos should be in b/w.

• Nominate as many people as you like

As always, I’m not a fan of individual nominations, but invite everyoneto take part in this if you can fit it in your blogging schedule.

19 thoughts on “Wondering what is on his mind

  1. Oh! How lovely you’re joining me, Su! I was hoping you would.😉
    This picture is fabulous, love his thousand yards look and the sea in the background! I’d like to think he’s pondering over the beauties of nature and his surroundings. 😊 xxxxxx

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