Dinner time

Seven Day Black & White Photo Challenge — Street Photography: Day 4

My friend Sarah at Art Expedition is hosting a variation on the Seven Day B&W Challenge — this time the image must include people.

The rules are:

• Thank the person who has nominated/tagged you and provide a link to their blog.

• Go out and take pictures of complete strangers for 7 days in a row and post one of them each day of the challenge (you can also post 7 photos in one post if you´re more comfortable with this).

• The photos should be in b/w.

• Nominate as many people as you like

As always, I’m not a fan of individual nominations, but invite everyone to take part in this if you can fit it in your blogging schedule. And don’t forget to visit Sarah’s blog and see her Berlin street photography.

29 thoughts on “Dinner time

    • I know what you mean. I don’t often shoot people I don’t know, and on those occasions I do, I either ask explicit permission or wave my camera and make eye contact. Anyone who says no, or waves me away — I would never shoot them. I am quite shy about that process though — so have very few people shots.

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      • I do that Kiwi raised eyebrows and vague wave of the camera thing. Most people seem to understand it as a question and either smile or shake their heads. I haven’t been brave enough to actually walk up to someone and ask if I can photograph them yet.
        BTW: my son was shooting in the CBD recently (he works for a skate shop and does their photography), and a homeless guy asked the boy to photograph him. My son did, and it is the most stunning portrait. The guy had full moko (facial tattoo) and the most lived-in face I’ve ever seen.

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    • I know what you mean. The last few times I’ve been out there have been lots of people around, and in fairly close proximity. I’ve sort of waved the camera and done the eyebrow-and-shrug thing that seems to work as an unspoken question. Most people have smiled back and been fine with being in shot. A few shook their head, and of course I respect that. Although one was sooo interesting I really did wish he’d been happy to be photographed. 🙂

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