35 thoughts on “Everyday moments

  1. Looks like a great crema happening there! NZ has excellent coffee and I think the dicussion about who invented the flat white has almost reached the heights of the discussion about the origins of the pavlova!

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    • Thanks Jane. Our little machine + some really good beans does produce good coffee — which is fortunate for us as we don’t have a good local alternative.
      You’re right about the flat white debate; though the funny thing is, for a country that claims to have invented it, NZ cafes seem unable to produce a consistent drink when I order one. 🙂

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  2. Argh! This makes my cravings for coffee even worse!! 😂 What a lovely machine you’ve got! I’ve been thinking about buying one of these Italian ones but they’re just too pricey for me at the moment so I have to make do with a normal filter coffee (using the inherited porcelain filter my grandma already used) or which is also very nice and can make even the lousiest bean transform into something deserving to be callled coffee, a nice cold brew. 😄

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    • 😀 I bought T the machine as an anniversary present (no vested interest there at all).it’s one of the cheaper ones but has given very good service considering how much use it has! It has developed some problems recently and I’m dreading the though of buying another one.
      I love that you have your grandmother’s filter . I really like filter coffee too; but I have so much milk, I have to warm it up to stop the coffee from being too cold. 😀

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      • Of course not. That gift was purely meant for him, that he offered you to use it as well surely came as lovely and pleasant surprise. 😉 Hehe!
        And I know what you mean with the cold milk – it´s especially nasty in winter. But I´ve a special trick for that: I made a little tea pot warmer from clay, where I can warm it up with a little candle, which works really good! 😀

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