Seven Day Black and White Photo Challenge (street photography) — in colour

Click on any of the images to enlarge

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Day Four: (shot in b&w)


Day Five

Day Six

Day Seven

My friend Sarah at Art Expedition hosted this variation on the Seven Day B&W Challenge — asking that the image include people.

The rules are:

• Thank the person who has nominated/tagged you and provide a link to their blog.

•  Go out and take pictures of complete strangers for 7 days in a row and post one of them each day of the challenge (you can also post 7 photos in one post if you´re more comfortable with this).

• The photos should be in b/w.

• Nominate as many people as you like

If you haven’t visited Sarah’s blog to see her Berlin street photography, please do.

14 thoughts on “Seven Day Black and White Photo Challenge (street photography) — in colour

  1. Most look better in black and white, except for the first two in which I like the blue. Seven works well either way and is very different in colour. Great set of images Su. Are these all new photos or have you used archives?

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  2. They all look fantastic whether in b/w or in colour! Though I think I prefer the ones including the light show and the first two ones in colour I think. The one with the chic young women waiting on the airport is definitely better in b/w as it makes this feel so timeless which is one of the reasons I love b/w shots so much. 😊
    So glad you joined me in this challenge, Su!! Xxxxxxxx

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