34 thoughts on “Time for tea and daily scribbles

  1. I love the jasmine tea (even though I can’t quite smell it from here) and the use of almost all white, with the colors from your sketchbook for contrast. Do you draw/paint also? Looks like a nature notebook and quite well done, whatever it it! You’re a talented woman, Su.


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    • Thank you Janet. I used to draw and paint a lot in my youth, but like many enthusiasms, they were packed away. I’ve recently decided to try again to learn to paint. The hardest thing is not giving up when my visions don’t match reality, but I think I’ve learned to be kinder to myself. And the jasmine tea definitely enhances my mood.

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    • It’s been years since I drank Lapsang Souchong. I did find the smokiness a bit overwhelming, but perhaps I should try again. My local tea shop has started selling single-serve tester packets, so I can try lots of different teas. Heaven!


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