… because binning it is too much trouble?


Seen (and picked up) at the beach. Not loving my muddy shoes though. Image: Su Leslie 2018

I was going to write a long grumpy piece about littering and the decline of civil society, but frankly I’m too knackered from picking up other people’s rubbish.

43 thoughts on “… because binning it is too much trouble?

    • There’s a money-back system in Germany but since it’s only 15 cents for a reusable glass bottle like this one many people just don’t care and litter out parks with them. There are people however who pick them all up and then get the money which adds to their non-existent income so at least they are good for something.

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      • That’s good to know. I remember, when I was very young, our family kept all types of bottles, and, every now and then, a bottle collector would come by and pay a small amount for them. The bottles were actually cleaned and reused by the soft drink and beer factories. The milk bottles, too.

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      • I think that´s how it should be done everywhere. Sadly many people still buy the non-reusable plastic bottles around here, and what happens with those is a mystery. We´re told they are shipped to China and the like, where they reuse it, but to be honest, I quite doubt it. Paper and glass though are getting recycled I´m fairly sure and that´s at least something. 🙂

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      • Our recycling used to be shipped to China, but they stopped taking it and we have (almost literally) a mountain of plastic and stuff. It’s been the biggest incentive to change the way plastic is used in NZ. xxxx

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    • I’m sure it would. When I was a kid, my friends and I collected discarded bottles for the refund. And it obviously works in Germany. Btw:I’ve noticed a couple of organic grocers here asking people to bring their own containers when they shop. Great idea.

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  1. I know what you mean – but when i see something like this I sometimes give them the benefit of doubt (maybe it fell out on way to bin) hafl kidding –
    but right in front of me last week some car door opened and out came trash! I wanted to drive right up and say “what??” but they were gone

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  2. It is insane short-termism and brutal ignorance. People think that nature will be there forever or maybe they are just selfish and don’t care about the future.
    It is also heartbreaking to see the amount of plastic that is cohabiting with us and the ocean’s life has been affected. Animals are suffering for that and we wont have fishes anymore. We also need to stop buying plastic.
    The photo is beautiful, though…

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    • I agree Lucile. We’ve been trying to consciously reduce our plastic use. It’s a real challenge when so many things are only available (certainly locally) in plastic packaging. Do I generate plastic waste? Or increased food miles? Neither is a good solution.


  3. Oh, and I forgot to add that your pic looks beautiful even though it stands for something we loath. It’s like the bottle gathered up the light in itself, sealing it of and maybe glow in the dark long after the sun has sunk beyond the rim of the world… 😊

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