Monday Macro

I am really loving these rocket (arugula) flowers.


25 thoughts on “Monday Macro

  1. Thankfully you wrote the name – they seemed familiar and then not…. until I realised that once I had flowering rocket (rucola)….
    I uploaded it (when I was still quite active and new on Flickr….) here:
    nearly too late for the 'rocking rocket' party... :)
    Thank you – this is a great macro! And I love rocket leaves in every form, they are a slice of Italy for me

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      • In Switzerland (as in Italy) itโ€˜s only known as rucola. I know it since I spent three weeks in Florence for a crash language course and we bought it fresh from a tiny greengrocerโ€˜s shop nearby our rental. it was an education of the Poor Italiansโ€˜ kitchen experience…. marvellous!!!!
        Parsley is called prezzemola. Isn,t that a great word???

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