Over, under, through the fence


Weathered fence, Greenhithe Pony Club, Auckland, NZ. Image: Su Leslie 2018


Security fencing, old aircraft hangar at Hobsonville Point, Auckland, NZ. Image: Su Leslie 2017


Behind the wire. Farm fencing, Tapora, Kaipara Harbour, NZ. Image: Su Leslie 2018


Not quite clearing the fence. Helensville A&P Show, Auckland, NZ. Image: Su Leslie 2017

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41 thoughts on “Over, under, through the fence

  1. They all have something to say – my favorite still must be “Behind the wire” Farm fencing. A completely lovely, rural view, with that rusty barbed wire running through the picture. Somehow it touched me …We just had (yesterday) the great election on who is going to run this country for the next four years. I am afraid the far right got too many votes, and the party behind it is a party denying the climate crisis and the scientists warnings. This seem to be happening all over Europe and in the world. What are we doing? Sorry, but I was working with the elections the whole week, so I came home in the middle of last night. Maybe I am seeing things that were not intentional. Any way great shots. The B&W is very atmospheric.

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    • Hi Leya. I read about your election. This morning, and felt such dismay. I was going to write about the fences in my post, but found myself saying quite gloomy stuff and deleted it. One part of me is glad you responded to the photo as I do, but the other part wishes we weren’t living in such cruel, frightening times.
      But hopefully Yvette is right, and more people will begin to push back.

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      • I am glad you write down your thoughts. I do not want my blog to be about politics, but I had to say something as my mind was full up with it – and has been for weeks now. It is so strange, that all of my friends and neighbours and…everyone, seem to be against these forces…then the election shows that in my vicinity, 25 % voted for just that frightful party. Which means that every fourth person I talk to is lying right up my face. I am so glad I can immerse myself in the blog and all the lovely people here. Thank you for being there!

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      • I understand. I try not to be overly political, but I do think that it’s important to be clear about my principles and values. There is so much apathy that allows evil ideologies to gain a foothold.
        I can understand how upset you are when voting behaviour is different to stated belief. People say what they think you want to hear sadly.
        I find this little corner of the blogosphere a very comforting supportive place, and am glad to know you here.

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  2. The variety is so nice – from patina and light to the intense face Visible
    On the rider

    And side note su – I feel like you completed my fence theme ( vicariously) because I almost went digging for a barbed wire fence for my post on fences – cos it fit my chatting – but I wanted to only use recent photos for it – and so coming here it was like “here’s some barbed wire” and the farm one – that single line almost had a sparkle come off – hahahah

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  3. Apart from the security fence I am glad the fences in your photos are not too restrictive. I spent 5 years at a boarding school where we were fenced in, most of the time. To go outside the school gate without permission was a major crime. To talk through the fence or over the fence to a BOY was an even greater crime. πŸ˜€ Do you remember the old song, ‘Don’t Fence Me In’ ? . https://youtu.be/QxaaN06Cd-E It speaks to me!

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  4. Fascinating set of images. I particularly like the barbed wire one. The idea of using something so harsh to keep animals in or out seems to contrast with the view of the natural landscape. What has man done to earth?

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  5. Awesome shots, all of them! But my heart goes especially out to the first one, something about the fence seemingly stretching endlessly and the mist that swallows it up resonates very deeply inside me… 😊 xxxxxxx

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